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Assetto Corsa: Our new Nordschleife trackday server! (NO CAR DLC)

Assetto Corsa La Ferrari red

We’re delighted to announce our latest Assetto Corsa server along side our hugely popular UK Nordschleife Porsche Trackday server! You can now race the infamous ” Nordschleife” circuit / toll road with NO CAR DLC required.

We’ve for opted for the following cars from the Assetto Corsa standard lineup.

  • FERRARI 458

You’ll need the Dream Pack for the track but like all other car packs for AC, they are worth it!

We’ll keep an eye on the car slot usage but please do tweet / email us if you have any requests for car changes. You can tweet us on @TNuttersGaming or comment below.


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Game Review: Pixel Car Racer (IOS)

pixel car racer splash screen

** Update 13/2/2016** We’re delighted to confirm the recent update of Pixel Car Racer resolved the painful IOS crashing issues we were having. We’re also pleased to confirm that the recent updates gave a nod to the upcoming game modes. It’s safe to say that a little bit of wee came out! (I’ve updated our review accordingly)

I like to think I’ve kinda got my finger on the pulse when it comes to gaming, especially when it involves four wheels and an engine. 

Therefore it came as a surprise when my 9 year old started bugging me try this new “pixel” car game. Originally I had dismissed this as yet another Pixel Gun, Roblox or minecrafty type spin off trying to capitalise on the type of 8-bit graphics I grew up with.

Man, I was wrong.

So whats it about?

Before I discuss the reasons for my love affair with this little game, I need to point something out. This game is still in development, its not Beta but there’s some holes. Some of the modes such as “Story Mode” and “Rivalry” are currently not available. This equates to about half the game modes but believe us when we say that really doesn’t matter at all. What is available is frikken’ amazing.

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Assetto Corsa: How to install mods, cars, tracks and sound packs

Donnington Park Assetto Corsa Track Mod packs sound cars tracks

If you’re reading this article then you’ll probably be a newcomer to the world of Assetto Corsa modding. As easy as it is to just pickup the game and crack on with a lap or two of Spa, adding mods might not be as straight forward as you’d hope. That’s why we’ve put together some frequently asked questions to help you along the way to becoming an Assetto Corsa modding god!

Where do I download Mods?

Unfortunately the internet is full of crooks looking to hijack your PC and steal your data. Please do stick to reputable website for downloading mods and always check the files for viruses and malware. If you don’t have any antivirus protection use the basic version of avast! and check your PC regularly with MalwareBytes.

We suggest that you stick to the Race Department website for all your mod downloads. They have all the mods sorted by type Career, Sounds, Apps, Cars, Tracks, Misc and Skins. Be sure to read the comments and mod notes before downloading.

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Our Assetto Corsa Nordschleife Porsche Trackday Server is now live!


Like you we were fed up with laggy Nordschleife track day servers with limited slots and poor performance. Our only option was to rise above these sh*tty servers and create our own UK low ping server for you lucky lot.

Joining is easy! Just Search Turbonutters in the online server listing and jump on. Our Nordschleife server requires the Porsche packs, its well worth it!

The server is streamed on YouTube! Head on over to our Assetto Corsa gaming channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and like our videos 🙂

You can also join our Team speak server and chat to your fellow racers in real time.

Be sure to check us out on twitter https://twitter.com/TNuttersGaming for all the up to date news from our busy server and the Assetto Corsa racing community.

For more information check our our Assetto Corsa gaming page with all the details you need to be lapping the ring in low ping bliss.


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VIDEO: The Aussies show the world how burnouts are done!

aussie ute burnout fire

There’s some things that the Aussies do best: Make insanely powered pickup trucks (utes to those down under), fishing and insects that kill you.

Here’s another to add to he list… burnouts!

The Aussies obsession with the burnout is unrivalled. Their insanely powered competition cars produce both enough power, smoke and flames to put anything you’ve seen in your local “cruise” to shame. These guys literally burn rubber until either they annihilate the tyres or catch fire.

Check out the video below from 1320 Video highlighting some of the lunacy at this years Summernats.

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Kian’s Car of the Year: 2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

The SRT Hellcat might just look like another “Murican” muscle car but under the bonnet of this his beast lurks a 707 horse power Supercharged HEMI. This 4 door sedan saloon is not only fast, it’s proved to be very liable and practical too. If you’re in the market for a muscle car – the Charger might me the car for you however if you’re after something with some off-road pedigree then maybe opt for the Dodge Ram.

Here’s the specs of this amazing car:

Engine: Super Charged 707-HP 6.2L HEMI – 650-lb-ft Torque
Performance :0 – 60MPH: 4.2 Seconds – Top Speed: 204MPH

For more information on the Charger lineup then check out the Dodge website

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Santa Pod hosts the 2015 Gymkhana GRiD: European Gauntlet finals


Santa Pod Raceway played host to the 2015 Gymkhana GRiD: European Gauntlet finals last month with the world’s greatest gymkhana drivers all battling for the podium.

The two day event saw its fair share of action including Ken making some minor body work adjustments to his Hoonicorn after a minor error saw him clip a crash barrier or two.

Even though Ken failed to make to secure a win, he sure put on a show in his mighty Hoonicorn.  He said, “It was an incredibly fun weekend and I loved watching the guys battle it out. Trying to get the massive Hoonicorn around the course was a real challenge today and it’s the first time I’ve properly raced it. Dmitrij had an amazing drive in our one-on-one, so well done to him! Thanks to Monster for organising such a great event and to all the fans who came to see us. I can’t wait to see how we top this next year!”

Check out some of the highlights from Sundays action

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Kian’s top video of the week: World’s Fastest – 270.49 mph Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessy Venom GT

Hennessy Venom GT

In February 2014 the Hennessy Venom GT took to the Kennedy Space Center’s 3.22-mile (5.18 km) shuttle landing strip in Florida. The Hennessey team recorded a top speed of 270.49 mph (435.31 km/h). Unfortunately for Hennessy, they only completed the run in a single direction and had only sold (to qualify Hennessey must build 30). This meant that even though flat out it trumped the Bugatti Veyron’s 254.04 mph it did not qualify for the record.

Despite the controversy, the very fact that a production car exceeded 270 mph is an amazing achievement. If only they had met the conditions set by the Guinness Book of Records.

Take a look at the video below of the Hennessy Venom GT in action.

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SOTW Stance of the week: Honda S2000


We’re certainly not usually a huge fans of either Japanese verts or green paint jobs but this stanced S2000 gets us a little moist. Further proof that sometimes, all you need a nice set of wheels, a touch of camber and a some coilovers. Enjoy the VTEC y0!

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Ford Mustang coming to the UK from less than £30K

ford mustang uk

After more than 50 years the iconic Ford Mustang will finally be hitting UK showrooms in all it’s right hand drive glory.

Prices for Ford’s Pony start at just £28,995 for the 2.3-litre four-cylinder Ecoboost model with the 5.0-litre V8 costs from coming in at £32,995 before you start with the options list.

Before you discount the weedy 4 pot, Ford claim that the V6 UK ‘stan will push out 310bhp through the rear wheels with the burbling V8 pumping out an impressive 412bhp.

We’re yet to sample the delights of the ‘stang in all us UK glory but we’ll be sure to report back when we finally get behind arguably one of the most sort after imports from across the pond.

For more information check out the Ford Mustang page over on Ford’s website.

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