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Ken Block teases the new Ford Focus RS


We’re not sure if Ken Block knows how to drive in a straight line, sure it makes for some crazy videos but its not very often we see him piloting something with any less than 500BHP at the wheels… until now.

This latest video starring the internet’s favorite hoonigan see’s Ken piloting the new Ford Focus RS, in all its more-door glory.

Rumor has it that the all new RS will be powered by 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine (as seen in the new Ford Mustang) mated to an all new 4WD system. It’s suggested that the new RS will produce over 330BHP to all four wheels, up from the 300 BHP produced by the MK2 RS 2.5-litre in-line five .

The official announcement will drop on February 3, 2015 so stay tuned to what should be the most lary Focus RS yet.

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SOTW Stance of the week: Honda NSX


The mighty Honda NSX is one of those holy grail cars that tends not be to be changed from it’s original form. This example however has us at Turbo-Nutters torn between its stanced and original flavor. The body kit might be a little too much for some purists but theres no denying that even with some add-ons it’s still one of the best cars to roll out of Japan for a very long time.

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Dan Bilzerian’s Impressive Car Collection

dan bilzerian truckIn looking at the photos on his Facebook page—some of them aren’t safe for work, just a heads-up—it’s easy to figure out what millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian enjoys outside of making bank as a poker player. The guy clearly loves all the things you’d associate with a rich dude living a lavish lifestyle: women, guns, private jets, working out, and, most importantly, his car collection.

Earlier this year, Complex point out the fact that Bilzerian has the kind of collection that would make most rappers jealous—and they were right. In scrolling through that list, which was derived from his social media accounts, you can find him chilling near his tricked-out trucks and jeeps, a number of supercars (including one beautiful black Ferrari 458), and a few classic/antique rides as well like his Cobra Shelby. Basically, he has many of the luxury cars that we tend to write about here at Turbo Nutters.

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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 has landed!

Ken Block’s Gymkhana has returned for it’s 7th and most epic instalment yet. This time Mr Block pilots his custom 1965 Ford Mustang, capable of laying a staggering 845bhp through all four corners.

In this video he takes to the streets of LA, strutting his tyre shredding stuff and laying down some serious rubber.

Ken block ford mustang 1965

In a statement from the man him self he said, “The access to locations for this project was incredible, Obviously the film commission in Los Angeles is quite good and accustomed to working with projects that involve driving all the time. However this was the first and only time that anyone has done actual live-action driving and filming at the top of the Hollywood sign. Some of the permissions we had to obtain from the Department of Homeland Security were intense!”

We think you’ll agree that this is the most cinematic Gymkhana we’ve seen yet. We’ll shut the hell up now and let you watch the video.

Let us know what you think in the comments! Enjoy!

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SOTW Stance of the week: Nissan GTR


The term “stanced” might be a little over used these days. Our Facebook timeline is litterally littered with 95 Polos with enough camber to ensure the handling is completely ruined.

With that aside, we present this little gem submitted by one of our long term members. It might not have 30 degrees of camber but it’s got enough attitude to ensure it’ll get some serious respect from the motoring world.

Each week we’ll be treating you to our Stand of the Week (STW), so please hit us up with your suggestions via our contact form or facebook page


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Behold the worlds quickest “Street Legal” vehicle… it’s a 98 pickup

Over the pond the term “street legal” might mean a little less than what would be required on UK roads. With that aside, any car capable of running a low 6 second quarter mile is going to be rather special.

Even if his ute might need some work for it’s MOT, Larry Larson still made a 6.16-second pass at 219 mph in his 1998 Chevy S-10 during the HOT ROD Drag Week 2014 Heads-Up Challenge. The resulting time is reported to make his pickup the quickest street-legal car in the world!

Its not the first time that Larry has graced the fine pages of Turbo-Nutters, back in 2010 reported that this Chevy Nova managed a rather impressive 6.95 second pass at 209mph. More that here.

Read more about this amazing ute on the hotrod.com website

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McLaren Officially Unveils the 650S


It’s not been the best of starts for McLaren’s new baby. After grainy photos were leaked on line, McLaren jumped the gun and officially unveiled the 650S before it’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show .

The 650S slots directly in between the 12C and epic fire breathing P1. You’ll be happy to hear it offers many of the features introduced into the P1 such as lighting and aerodynamic tweaks however given it’s “bargain” price tag (compared to the P1) it does without the acres of carbon fibres featured in its feather weight big brother.

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A treat for the F1 fans, Ron Howard’s Rush coming to the silver screen


For those of you out there who enjoy F1 as much as we do, you’ll be very interested in the latest motor sport movie that will be gracing our screen in September… Rush.

The movie, directed by acclaimed director Ron Howard is a biography of the Austrian Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash that almost claimed his life.

The movie brings us back to what many would call the golden days of F1, before the days of computers, driver aids and over the stop safety regulations.

Read more to check out the trailer, I think you’ll agree it looks rather good indeed.

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British Grand Prix: Hamilton will race


Formula 1 fans of the UK have been delighted to learn that Lewis Hamilton will be racing at this years British Grand Prix after Mercedes escaped the “Tyregate” scandal with a little more than a slap on the wrist.

Many commentators had expected the 7½-hour hearing in Paris to banish the Mercedes team from this Sunday’s Grand Prix at Silverstone however they will be participating the in race after all. This is despite the fact that they were found guilty of breaking F1’s stringent rules. The guilty verdict was in relation to the use of the teams 2013 car for in season testing, which took place in Barcelona after the Spanish Grand Prix in May. This could have resulted in the team facing a hefty fine, points deduction, race ban, or even exclusion from the Formula 1 championship.

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Getting your hands on a supercar just got that little bit easier


Unless your circle of friends includes overpaid footballers, celebrities or tweed loving land owners, getting your hands on an exotic super cars is pretty tricky unless you fancy a stretch at the expense of Her Majesty. Hertz car rentals has helped fill the void by offering an ever expanding range of supercar rentals to mere mortals like me and you.

Hertz currently offers some truly breathtaking vehicles for hire but expect to part with some significant coin to join the supercar elite.  Fancy a Ferrari 458 Italia for the day? 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, a top speed of 202MPH with 570 ponies powering the rear axle[1]? No problem! Prices start FROM just £826.50 per day according to their website. If you are on a budget, more affordable models include the equally epic Audi R8 Spyder. At only £450.30 per day with a tyre shredding 420 horses available from it’s 4.2 litre V8 power plant, its an absolute bargain.

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